There are fine lines between being prepared, ready to be a contestant on Survivor, lugging around what feels like a gold brick and being up sh*# creek without a paddle.

Keeping the pack light but also stocked with useful items is key. The following is a list of what is pictured in this post and why those items are in my pack (usually extreme personal inconveniences):

1.Topeka Power 21 tool: It is light and the chain tool doesn’t make me want to cry.

2.Spare 29er tube, a pump and tire irons: need I say more?

3.Head lamp: Tom Owen and “We should be back before dark..”

4.Spot personal safety beacon and a pocket mask: so when things go seriously south and there isn’t cell service I can call in Bat Man, Robin and a helicopter. Spot will send EMS my GPS coordinates and an SOS, I have programmed 5 different messages in.

5.Cotton balls lubed up with petroleum jelly and a lighter: if you are looking for some cheap fun (get your head out of the gutter) make some of these up, pop them on a fire proof surface outside and light ’em up. Did you do it? Need I say more? Better than frying ants with a magnifying glass, right?

6.Mini utility knife, small bottle of chain lube, peel and stick tube patches: they are cute,were free and have come in handy.

7.Super glue and duck tape: double flatting with tubeless tires without a 2nd tube and the hilarity it created trying to fix the issue with these supplies is well worth leaving them in the pack.

8. Quick link: see #1

9. First aide kit with and assortment of supplies: Sarah, Kim, Tom Owen, Packy and anyone else who has sprung a leak in my presence.

10. Feminine hygiene supplies, wet wipes and doggie bags: Red Canyon to Wapiti, the middle of the naughty grizzly bear release area and an unexpected, uninvited early visitor.

11. Cell phone: You all may think I bring the phone so I can justify the crazy act of standing in the middle of the trail and yelling smile but it is really a safety thing not a hazard, I promise.

12. $20 emergency money: sometimes a mighty fine watering hole appears when you most need refreshment. But really, Red Canyon to Johnson Creek when the keys to the car went missing and it was raining. Enos actually looked attractive but the bartender wasn’t too friendly without greenbacks being part of the unfolding drama.

13. Water: amount dependent on the water requirements of each ride. Seriously just because the reservoir holds 64 ounces doesn’t mean it needs to every time you step out the door.

(I also bring bear spray, on my bike frame, when I ride south of Bozeman)

So what is in your wallet, I mean bike pack?