DSC03359Riding at night seldom begins in the dark, often as the days get shorter, the ride starts out in the evening and concludes in the dark. Sometimes shit happens and two flat tires and a broken chain later you are picking your way back to the car by the light of the crescent moon and the toy of a headlamp that was only intended to be used for a night game of Card Against Humanity at the camp site.

But sometime on the way, in the dark, it becomes clear that this misadventure is kinda fun and would be oodles more fun with better headlamps and good friends who like to laugh and get a few cheap thrills. The night riding bug has bit you in the hind end.

I personally think riding at night is a total hoot, the eyes of mice never looked so big. The trail that has become common during the day becomes an amusement park ride by night. The one trick to having the most fun in the safest way is to illuminate the adventure with decent lamps. I always ride with two lamps blazing, especially after I had two old lamps tank on the backside of Shafthouse while Sarah and Angie educated Karen and I on the new technology called LEDs and encouraged us to woman up and by some new lights.

Once upon a time there was only one choice for bright lights and that was Nightrider but know there is a large selection of good choices.

Nightrider now makes sturdy, lightweight light/battery combinations called the Lumina series that can be charged with a USB cable and car adapter or via a wall plug, which is quite handy. I mount the Nightrider lamp to my handlebars.

The lamp I wear on my head with the battery in the pack is the Supernight. The Supernight light is a little less convenient to charge because it must be plugged into the wall and the battery is heavier and connects via cable but it is $15 to $25 and is the best light for that kinda money. Quite honestly after “beta testing” the Supernight I would recommend getting two, one for the handlebars and one for your head and you will be set to scare little rodents all night long.