I am firmly in the school of thought that my bike is meant to carry me not the other way around. When the tables are turned and I have to hoist the bike my riding partners want to put the bottle of chain lube in my mouth as I wa wa wa like I have colic. So when faced with wading knee deep into a rushing cold steam with my bike held daintily high, trying to ride across and possibly falling over into snow melt or tip toeing across the tips of slippery stones and other river debris while using my bike to steady myself, I sacrifice the bike and use it as a handrail.

This method assures you a 35% chance of keeping your feet relatively dry and a 90% chance of making you laugh as you realize mid operation the stats are still against you. There is a 100% chance of laughing if you miraculously make it across with dry feet and the next rider performs this risky maneuver with less successful results.