About the Bozeman Pedal Project

Bozeman Pedal Project started as two groups of friends riding together, one on the roads and the other on the trails. Then one day the two groups started riding together and they enjoyed each other’s company very much. The two group combined their Facebook pages creating Bozeman Pedal Project.  It started with 45 members, and within nine months the group had grown to 400+ members on Facebook.

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The weekly bike rides have become an empowering environment for women to ride bikes together, regardless of ability or motivation. Our Monday road rides and Wednesday mountain bike rides have become events where riders meet new friends, offer friendly support and connect with other with similar outlooks, abilities and or goals.

Everyone is welcome and is embraced as a sister of the bike. The ride groups are a safe venue for riders to test the edges of their comfort zones and improve their skills while laughing and enjoying our beautiful area.

In 2015, Bozeman Pedal Project added month mountain bike skills clinics. The skills clinics are free with outstanding riders from our local community volunteering their time to help BPPers and friends improve their skills. The clinics are open to BPPers of all genders and have been one of our most appreciated group offerings. This past year our coaches have helped our members with skills, specific MTB maneuvers, bike fitting, road strategies, trail etiquette, cyclocross, and more.

Also in the spring of 2015, Bozeman Pedal Project hosted a spring kick-off, potluck, and skills clinic at Lewis and Clark Caverns. This was a huge success and will be part of our annual event schedule. Another BPPer favorite was our now annual October Potluck. Last year this proved to be the perfect way for the group to say good bye to the amazing biking season, drink some delicious sprits from Wild Rye, sample the culinary skills of our new tribe, share photos and introduce our spouses and significant others. It was a rolling good time.

Owenhouse Bikes and Bozeman Pedal Project have also hosted maintenance classes. In these classes participants learn everything from changing a bike tube to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. These classes have been a huge success and very beneficial to our members.

Founders of BPP

Mollie Call

Mollie Call is a founding member of Bozeman Pedal Project and loves to ride every sort of bike in almost every sort of weather.  Mollie started road racing in 2009 and fell in love with the amazing group of people she met while racing and the challenge it presented her.  Soon Mollie joined the zany ranks of the cyclocross world and has been smiling ever since as she leaps, hops and pedals like crazy.  As a new mother to the adorable Quinn, she is balancing her time between work and her three loves: cycling, her husband and Quinn.  Mollie is a motivated and compassionate teacher and enjoys helping women to feel confident and excited to pedal any type of bike.  She hopes to score a coveted start opportunity for the Butte 50 next year so she can roll her knobby across the finish line with her usual enthusiasm and panache.

Sarah Guggenheim Alexander

Sarah is a founding member of the Bozeman Pedal project and prefers her mountain and cyclocross bike but has been know to roll a road or two with style. Sarah purchased her first Rockhopper in 1989 at the age of 21, led mountain bike vacations in the Rockies during her 20s, and rediscovered the joy of riding mountain trails in her 40’s. She is addicted to the camaraderie (and therapy) of riding with like-minded women, and occasionally signs up for an outrageously long race to make sure the couch doesn’t get too comfortable.

She recently collaborated to get the new Bozeman Youth Cycling program off the ground and is now equally excited about getting kids and women on bikes on trails!

Melissa Cronin

Mel really likes to mountain bike and would enjoy road biking if she were not so distracted. After many years of biking in Big Sky, Mel moved to Bozeman where she reconnected with Sarah, who she knew from a previous life, and met Karen, Molly and Mollie. Together the five of them planted a seed called the Bozeman Pedal Project and are watching it grow.

This year Mel decided she didn’t know much about mountain biking and got her level 1 Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Certification. She also decided she didn’t know much about human beings so she renewed her EMT which indirectly makes her bike pack very heavy because she likes to be prepared. Mel also likes to take pictures and be sassy.

Karen Mitchell

Karen Mitchell bought her first mountain bike in 1993 as a high school senior in Long Island, NY. She was the “lone ranger” out there, pedaling her new Rockhopper rigid frame by herself – there were no girls her age interested in pedaling bikes at that time.

Karen spent many years on the back of a horse and now the bike has become her trusty steed, accompanying her on long rides through the mountains, with the wind in her face. In 2016, she became an ambassador for LIV Cycling and has enjoyed spreading her love of bikes to this large community of women in the Bozeman area and beyond. Her main motivation lies in creating connections in this cycling community and fostering a place where all women feel included, embraced and supported in this sometimes tangled web of life.

When not riding, Karen is a mom to a lively 10 year old boy, and wife to an equally lively spouse. Together they love to travel to new areas to ride bikes and meet new biking friends. She has tasted bits of single track ribbons and downhill trails in Targhee, Big Sky, Jackson, Sandpoint, Whitefish, Hood River, Phoenix, Moab, Fruita, and British Columbia gems such as Fernie, Nelson, New Denver, Rossland and Whistler. When she is not riding she tends a large veggie and flower garden, and manages vacation and long term rentals while dabbling in house design and building consulting.

Molly Bowman

Molly grew-up mountain biking with her Dad and sisters in the lovely Wood River Valley and Stanley Basin in Idaho. In the summers, she dabbled in mountain bike racing in high school, but was the only junior girl at every race she went to. In the winters, she and her sisters Nordic raced and Molly loves the lifelong friendships she’s made through skiing. Molly came to Bozeman for college and graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Fish and Wildlife Management.

Molly works as a fishery biologist, but also helps set-up all the women’s specific bike events (bike maintenance clinics and skills clinics) at her husband’s bike shop Owenhouse Cycling. She also assisted in launching the Bozeman Youth Cycling program in 2016, and loved riding and working with the younger cyclists in the valley. In the winter she’s been a ski coach for BSF’s Nordic Youth Ski League. When not working, riding her bike, skiing and hiking, Molly spends as much time as possible with her husband and two young kids (preferably on a biking adventure).

Molly became a part of the Bozeman Pedal Project just to meet other women to bike with. However it’s become so much greater than that as she found a love of the camaraderie of the bike ladies, of riding with other women, and mostly helping other women have fun and become comfortable on their bikes. Molly is inspired by the wonderful, supportive, and fun community of women the Bozeman Pedal Project has created and fosters.

We get by with help from our friends.

These folks have invested a lot of hours.  We love them.

Natalie Osborne

Originally from Alaska, Natalie relocated to southwest Montana in 2015 and is loving it here.     Natalie is the creator and producer of the Big Sky Biggie 50 and 30 Mile annual mountain bike race in Big Sky, Montana – a fundraiser for the trails in Big Sky.

When Natalie is not roaming the world in her Sprinter van, she can be found in her office in Big Sky, Montana.    Her company WONDERBUILD.com has generously donated this website.